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Sense of Pride by TheGreatMC
Sense of Pride
Throughout the making of this piece I often asked myself at which point the reason for creating a particular artwork becomes so silly and petty that pushing the work right to its end might be considered an embarassment.  

In this case, original - and defunct before even a single pencil line has been put on the paper - intent was to try and see if I can override my idea of fancy in order to make a nice buffer zone for embracing designs tailored with a different range of taste in mind, as disappointment in much sought-after future uplifts smells pretty sour, especially within entertainment-related crafts and industries.

Ultimately, the original spark behind these motives fizzled out as 'future' arrived sooner and with a nice surprise [   Regality no.2 ] - but the potential gave off the vibe of challenge, therefore I ran with the concept itself either way. :D 

Depicted characters belong to Nintendo/Game Freak.
Kick-landing by TheGreatMC
Also at:…

With the remastered version of an old character already made and submitted [ Sufficiently advanced Matriarch ], I thought that I should also make an attempt at recreating something that stays within the vibes of those same initial doodles that called for drastic alteration. 

Of course, even then the concept needed to lose some weight as it was littered with needless clutter that brought nothing to the overall design - which was among the reasons as to why it took a lot of time for the idea to re-resurface. :icongrin--plz: 

EDIT* finally managed to set up the camera after long series of trial and error - and, in effect, a somewhat better photo is now in place. 

EDIT_no.2* finally decided to work out a better spot for taking these, as far as indirect solar lighting is concerned. 
Regality no.2 by TheGreatMC
Regality no.2
*Additionally displayed over at Tumblr:…

It has been a full month since I last uploaded anything to this portal, let alone all others that I frequent. No need to make a habit out of this pitiful state and the remedy is too obvious to be disregarded.

- - - 

Mega Gallade so soon? Merely a year after Gardevoir got this treatment? :D

I tried to prepare myself for a design that would require me to rewire myself in order to like it. But it turns out that the heightened anxiety that served me so well during my experience with World of Warcraft franchise has little use in dealing with Pokemon series as far as graphic design and premise are concerned.  

Pokemon belong to GameFreak/Nintendo. 
Grinding to. . . . . . . . Jastarnia B and W by TheGreatMC
Grinding to. . . . . . . . Jastarnia B and W
*Also available in a step-by-step format at:…

- - -
As a logical next step after the making of:…

For quite some time this technique had such strong 'default' vibe to it as far as my experience went. One major repercussion of this state was lesser capacity for performing reality check on it - it just 'felt right', no matter how far from tangible forms my B&W works strayed.  

Having made watercolour practice tutorial as a part of my improvement drive, I felt that it was high time to do the same in case of plain marker.

Same settlement, same street, but a different turn of view and a different tool put to test! :D  
Grinding to a new level - Jastarnia - watercolour by TheGreatMC
Grinding to a new level - Jastarnia - watercolour
*Now also up on Tumblr:…
- - -

*Based upon a shot from Google street view, ul. Ogrodowa within Jastarnia, a fisherman settlement-turned-summer resort. 

This is part one of my newest improvement drive - one consisting of using scenery that actually exists  to find out just how much I need to push my usage of colour tones and patterns to escape my unpleasant habit of drawing/painting overly light and bleak settings.  

So far I had a lot of trouble with figuring out what I can afford to smear all over the paper before it becomes too heavy - and the only remedy for that is to directly reference how colour and light behave in nature. To that end, I picked a series of shots/individual photographs that Google Earth contains around satellite maps of the small Pomeranian township of Jastarnia - primarily due to familiarity of that settlement, as out of the established go-to summer destinations around Poland it is the one that I visited most often. 

So much for a start and I already see that there is a rough road before me. :D

There is also (an intended) part two of the aforementioned improvement drive - only this time B&W technique will be tested against existent nature.
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Setup of the issue: 

>>>old artwork of mine with naive approach to the subject, poor grasp of techniques used - yet with a promising concept and inspiring setting: 

>>>recently redrawn version of the former artwork, drawn with knowledge what I wanted back then and with better capacity at putting it on paper: 

ALSO! There is the following pair, the more recent one drawn to give some lifesigns: 

                                                              And here it comes: 


Progress is a funny thing, even on the level of an amateur like myself - at one moment artwork that I created is something of a highlight to be proud of, but move just far enough in learning and using new techniques/developing new horizons across ones imagination - and suddenly such a piece becomes obselote... yet it still has something to it that begs for giving it a new life. 

Right now I have entire dozens of such artworks and it would come as a surprise to noone to find out that this quantity will never cease to shrink. 


Then comes the awareness of potential dangers associated with such endeavour. Let's have a list of my worries to be done with it! 

[1] Intellectual inbreeding: 
Bringing older works to life sounds like an overally good idea... on the first impression. But most of such works are guaranteed to be nothing else than far less developed and unsophisticated stages of the works one is working on so far. Regurgirating such old content simply means that - rather than expanding intellectual workshop - creator forces himself to spend time on thinking along the same lines that were pursued at the moment of the original being created. 

[2] Comfort zoning and self gratification: 
Such obselote artworks usually begun their life amidst seeking shortcuts and pleasant niches. With the exception of training and tutoring drawings, these were quite often made because the artist felt comfortable with drawing them in the way they were drawn. That also applies to ideas and their execution. Drawing old artworks anew thus poses a risk of spiralling downwards towards the bay of tranquility. Woe be unto those who are unable to set themselves back on track after easy self-gratification! 

What is your outlook on this matter, dear reader?


You can also find me on my Tumblr page:

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SomeKidWithATablet Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, you're pretty good...
TheGreatMC Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014
Thankies. :D 

Just a bit of practice, research and learning. And one unending road of progress before me.
Weirda208 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
O rany, ty też z Polski?!
Kurczę pieczone, zorientowałam się dopiero po napisaniu Ci komentarza po angielsku ^^;

Masz przecudowne prace, doceniam czas spędzony nad nimi, każda sekunda była warta tych świetnych rysunków! :clap:
TheGreatMC Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2014
Ja wówczas zdążyłem już zapomnieć, w jakim języku napisałem swój komentarz. =p 

Dziękuję bardzo. Jak nie posiedzę codziennie przynajmniej kilku minut nad takimi obrazkami, to jest mi z miejsca wstyd. :D
Weirda208 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
masz na myśli opis pracy?
Nawet jeśli jestem z Polski, zawsze piszę je po angielsku, by większość ludzi zrozumiała :D

No popatrz, niewielu jest takich,a już szczególne zmotywowanych by brnąć w wypełnianiu tła.
Podnoszę rękę przyznając sie,że należę to takich, tak, wstyd się żarzy w mojej głębi...
RobleskaZeppelin Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much for a recent fave! :aww: :happybounce:
LikaKinsky Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the :+fav:! :hug:
greetings from ukraine! (=
TheGreatMC Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2014
You're welcome! :D
ADHadh Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014  Student Filmographer
Dzięki za fava!
I z chęcią rozejrzę się po Twojej galerii :)
TheGreatMC Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2014
Dziękuję uprzejmie. :D
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