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Typhoeus take two by TheGreatMC
Typhoeus take two
Available on my Tumblr and Facebook pages:……;

My second attempt at designing and painting a depiction of Typhon, cosmic monstrosity from Hellenic mythology.  

One year ago first attempt has been made and it can be seen on earlier pages HERE. Although far more ornate than latest attempt, it isn’t as lively and lacks that precious bit of consistency which could have made it easier to understand what is going on in the picture.  While originally it seemed like a good idea for me to make cosmic horrors hard to make out on the first glance, it only became a detriment. 
Father of Nations: New and improved by TheGreatMC
Father of Nations: New and improved
Grigor II, supreme ruler of Novaya Russia and liberator in pursuit of efficiency on a global scale.

In a fleeting moment of nostalgia I sought amusement in creating small homage to a game that is now over a decade old, its franchise since long dead and owner only recently ressurected.  

Although not exactly ancient, real-time strategy Empire Earth is one of the very few creations that I consider "nostalgic" - and nostalgia radar is a strictly personalized device, often working on ones inability to encounter finer things.  :lol:  

Although the game itself had an artwork with similar set of characters and a vibe close to the one that I sought, I felt that I would like to play with the concept and warp it somewhat. 

The throne-on-a-carpet-of-subjects -pose isn't my idea either - it has been borrowed from a satirical drawing drawn by Włodzimierz Kowańko during WWII.  

Characters and designs belong to Sierra Entertainment.
Fen flyover by TheGreatMC
Fen flyover
Also on display here:…

As my current practice run goes on and more themes need to be reviewed, I HAD to give fanart a try just to see what might come out of it. 

Misty fens felt like a nice challenge and, coincidentally, they are a biome that I will be drawing on a larger scale sooner or later. 

Pokemon belongs to Game Freak, Nintendo.

Hyperstructure - reflective cushions by TheGreatMC
Hyperstructure - reflective cushions
Now also on Facebook:…;

And Tumblr:…

- - - 
As a continuation of:… , only this time I rectified my mistake of having too small of an idea for something this large. 

As a result, it was easier to draw and paint, with less sweat and frustration about. A good thing too, given that there seems to be a good reason as to why "space-age cities" seldom try to overtake volume hundreds of kilometers high and as such less inspiration material is present.   :D
Structured Horizon - colour by TheGreatMC
Structured Horizon - colour
First take at making a fully coloured version of a complex planet-spanning structure from an earlier BW drawing:…

I wasn't sure how to equip these towering cloudy layers with enough pseudo-logic to make them seem feasible, so experimental aspect had to be explored as much as the durability of paper allowed. 

After all, even the largest existing projects and structures built by human civilization doesn't look clear from Earth's orbit (ESPECIALLY during daytime in a given area), so it is tricky to pinpoint the scale of textures or even construction pieces. Star Trek Online had interesting visions of how these might look like [… ] , but it didn't felt like an inspiration for something that doesn't require divinely advanced civilizations to make.
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Setup of the issue: 

>>>old artwork of mine with naive approach to the subject, poor grasp of techniques used - yet with a promising concept and inspiring setting: 

>>>recently redrawn version of the former artwork, drawn with knowledge what I wanted back then and with better capacity at putting it on paper: 

ALSO! There is the following pair, the more recent one drawn to give some lifesigns: 

                                                              And here it comes: 


Progress is a funny thing, even on the level of an amateur like myself - at one moment artwork that I created is something of a highlight to be proud of, but move just far enough in learning and using new techniques/developing new horizons across ones imagination - and suddenly such a piece becomes obselote... yet it still has something to it that begs for giving it a new life. 

Right now I have entire dozens of such artworks and it would come as a surprise to noone to find out that this quantity will never cease to shrink. 


Then comes the awareness of potential dangers associated with such endeavour. Let's have a list of my worries to be done with it! 

[1] Intellectual inbreeding: 
Bringing older works to life sounds like an overally good idea... on the first impression. But most of such works are guaranteed to be nothing else than far less developed and unsophisticated stages of the works one is working on so far. Regurgirating such old content simply means that - rather than expanding intellectual workshop - creator forces himself to spend time on thinking along the same lines that were pursued at the moment of the original being created. 

[2] Comfort zoning and self gratification: 
Such obselote artworks usually begun their life amidst seeking shortcuts and pleasant niches. With the exception of training and tutoring drawings, these were quite often made because the artist felt comfortable with drawing them in the way they were drawn. That also applies to ideas and their execution. Drawing old artworks anew thus poses a risk of spiralling downwards towards the bay of tranquility. Woe be unto those who are unable to set themselves back on track after easy self-gratification! 

What is your outlook on this matter, dear reader?


You can also find me on my Tumblr page:

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DeviantART kept this in check, given the limited amount of the people that one can block, but then Tom Preston discovered Twitter which allows for tens of thousands of people to be blocked. Just a year or two ago your comment would be barely noticed as something hurtful, but at this moment it was Tom's highlight of the day. 

This issue can be remedied, but it takes years. Unless someone walls himself off completely - then such recovery is impossible.
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